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WHO acknowledging govt’s measures to protect masses from coronavirus: Ch. Sarwar


Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that World Health Organization (WHO) is acknowledging Pakistan government‘s measures to protect people from coronavirus. Since coronavirus is evident in three neighbouring countries, people of Pakistan will have to be vigilant in this regard, he said adding that the federal government is taking along all the provincial governments to control coronavirus.

“In Sha Allah, we will succeed in protecting the people from this pandemic to the maximum.”

Talking to PTI senior member Rai Hassan Nawaz, member Tayyab Chaudhry and others here on Monday, Chaudhry Sarwar said that the people must support the government’s efforts to ensure safety measures and they while keeping in mind that prevention is better than cure, must strictly adopt precautionary steps against this dreadful virus.

He advised the people to fully avoid frequent visits to public places and markets for shopping and other matters. The people should not get panic but be responsible and adopt safety measures, he added.

The Governor Punjab said that the government has set up isolation rooms in hospitals and in order to protect the people from dangerous coronavirus, the government has also banned people’s entry into shrines, Khankahon, zoos, safari parks and other recreational places. People must adhere to anti-coronavirus advisories and adopt protective measures.

He said that the government had taken these steps in the best interests, security and safety of general public to cope with this global challenge. This pandemic will be defeated by forging unity, national solidarity and harmony among the masses. People do adopt safety measures to do away with coronavirus, he said and asserted that corona pandemic is so far under control in Pakistan. In addition to government, the opposition parties and all segments of society are also equally responsible to play their due role in fighting out coronavirus.

Ch Sarwar said, “We have to protect the masses from fatal coronavirus at all costs and make their lives secure, and in this connection, no laxity will be tolerated.”