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Government decides to suspend registration of over 2,500 NGOs


Sindh government has decided to suspend the registration of 2500 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) out of 10,500.

The move is likely to be made following the failure of submission of annual audit reports by the non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and poor performance in activities for the public welfare, sources said.
Muhammad Nawaz Shaikh, the secretary of Sindh social welfare department, said that only 4000 NGOs are working and not a single organisation has submitted its annual audit report. Shaikh warned that the provincial government will take necessary action against the organisations.

He added that the provincial authorities will start suspending the registration of NGOs from December. The secretary asked NGOs to improve their performance for the betterment of the Sindh locals. He announced that strict law will be introduced for the new NGOs by the Sindh government.

Earlier on October 7 last year, Interior Ministry had barred 18 International Non-Governmental Organisations (INGOs) from working in Pakistan and ordered them to leave the country within 60 days.

The 18 banished INGOs comprise nine of the United States, three of the United Kingdom and two from Holland, in addition to one from Ireland, Denmark, Italy and Switzerland each.