Home News Apple unveils iPhone Xs premium smartphone in two sizes

Apple unveils iPhone Xs premium smartphone in two sizes


Apple unveiled upgrades to its priciest iPhones on Wednesday as part of an effort to boost its position in the premium smartphone market.

The California tech giant revealed its iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, updating the top-of-the line handsets released a year earlier.

The company also announced new health features for its next-generation Apple Watch including one allowing users to take their own electrocardiogram and another that detects when a person falls.

“We are about to hit a major milestone, we are about to ship our 2 billionth iOS device,” Apple chief executive Tim Cook said as he opened a media event.

“This is astonishing, iOS has changed the way we live.” Cook said that with its fourth generation of the market-leading smartwatch, “we’re going to take Apple Watch to the next level.”

Chief operating officer Jeff Williams said that “everything about (Apple Watch) has been redesigned.”

He added that its screen is “over 30 percent larger” than the previous generation.

One of the new features enables the watch to detect when a person falls, important for elderly users.

“Fall detection is a feature we hope you never need, but it’s really nice to know it’s there,” Williams said.