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Fingerprints, other evidence collected from scene of Samiul Haq’s murder


RAWALPINDI: The police has collected the fingerprints of three separate individuals and a bloodstained kurta, among other evidence, from the scene of Maulana Samiul Haq’s murder.

Sources said the police were unable to establish who hung the kurta in the bathroom, from where it was recovered, and are waiting for a forensic laboratory report that they believe will help them solve the murder case.

Police also believe that the fingerprints will help them ascertain the number of individuals present in the room.

More than 25 different samples collected from the scene of the murder have been sent to the laboratory.

They said the police have also been questioning people who had been in telephonic contact with Haq during the last month, or if they had been called by Haq himself.

They have also been working on mobile phone calls made by Haq’s secretary Ahmed Shah, although Mr Shah has not been formally interrogated by the police so far.

No one has been accused in the FIR registered with Airport police regarding the murder by the complainant. This is contrary to normal practice, as several people are usually nominated in murder cases.

An investigating police officer said the complainant may nominate someone, as the investigation into murder cases is launched after the forensic laboratory’s report.

Dr Ghias Gul Khan, who was recently posted senior superintendent of police (SSP) investigation Rawalpindi and was leading the investigation in Haq’s murder, has been transferred and posted as principal of the Rawalpindi Police Training School.

Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi, currently posted as the SSP operations Gujranwala, has been transferred to Rawalpindi as the SSP investigation. Saqib Sultan Al Mehmood, who was awaiting posting, has been posted as SSP operations Gujranwala.

A senior police officer said Dr Gul’s transfer had nothing to do with the murder investigation, and Mr Abdullah would assume the job.