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TV host Dua Malik is now a trained hypnotist


Pakistani celebrities have been on a roll lately and Dua Malik has her own accomplishment to share.

In an Instagram post, the TV host revealed that she is now a trained practitioner in hypnosis! Who saw that coming?

Dua says she’s been interested in hypnosis since she was young but only made the decision to learn it after battling postpartum depression.

“I went through severe postpartum depression,” she shared. “After I had both my kids, my depression was severe and I suffered anxiety attacks too. Initially I decided I wanted to learn hypnosis for mothers like myself but then I realised that depression affects everyone. So I decided to do this to help as many people as I can.”

Dua shared that she’s overwhelmed by the results experienced by the few clients she took on during training:

“I’ve had tremendous feedback from the clients. But my favourite one was a 14-year-old cancer survivor who couldn’t get past the trauma of having cancer and going through chemotherapy. He went through extreme pain, saw his parents break down and was in this constant loop of thinking he wasn’t going to live. After having sessions with me, he got better and the way his mother was thanking me, praying for me, I can’t forget.”

She concluded, “I have already achieved more than I hoped for. People are waiting out there to get help. They’re waiting for somebody who’ll listen to them and who they can open up to about depression without any judgment and also the hope that they’ll help sort out the problem. I hope to finish depression in Pakistan. If you dream for the moon you’ll end up in the stars.”